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Beltron GmbH  Beltrotherm dryer concept

All BELTRON systems and devices are geared towards customer-specific advantages and future-oriented innovative solutions in the fields of UV and LED UV technology. Over 55 Years of experience, as well as the constant research and improvement of our technologies, the perfect cooperation with our customers and business partners, is an important basis of our worldwide success and a further step to increase the quality at BELTRON!


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Beltron GmbH  Innovative UV Technology

Beltron  Beltrotherm

Predrying after soldermask coating

BELTROTHERM V-belt dryer for predrying after wet lacquer coating.

This unique drying technology allows evaporation and predrying of coated wet lacquers i.e. soldermask, etch resist etc. within 5 to 7 minutes. The surface is pre-dried tack-free and residue-free development after exposure ensured...


Beltron  Beltrotherm

Evaporation and drying after wet lacquer coating

BELTROTHERM belt dryer for evaporation and drying after wet lacquer coating. All colors, lacquers and products applied by wet coating process are dried in horizontal continuous process single or double-sided. Type of heat sources, air flow, temperature, evaporation and drying times to be adapted to the requirements...






Beltron  Beltrotherm Final Curing photo soldermask after exposure and developement with UV-bump before

Double-sided Final Curing Line for soldermask

Pos 1: Feeder

Pos 2: UV-bump double-sided

Pos 3: BELTROTHERM-dryer doulbe-sided

Pos 4: Stacker

The line is working fully automatic after loading in 3-shift operation without supervision...





Beltron  Beltrotherm
Drying after full surface screen printing horizontally or vertically

Full surface screen printing


Horizontal screen printed liquid coatings are manually or automatically fed to the pre-dryer BELTROTHERM. Depending on the required drying program evaporation and drying of the ink is made to the adhesive-free further processing...





Beltron  Beltrotherm
Drying of screen printing products
after partial screen printing

Partial screen printing is still widespread application when printing:

Label colors, strippable coatings, carbon paste, silver paste, hole filling pastes, soldermask partially, adhesion promoters, heatsink-paste, ceramic materials, etc...






Beltron  Beltrotherm
Drying of printed electronics
and membran switches

The BELTROTHERM belt dryer


particularly suitable for the drying of metal paste and isolation materials used in the production of printed electronics. The long-wave infrared radiation in combination with the convection air heat drying metallic pastes from inside to outside, thereby avoiding skin formation on the surface...

Beltron  Beltrotherm
Dryer for photovoltaics, thin film production, hybrid technology

BELTROTHERM continuous dryer with a flat belt transport.


In photovoltaics, thin film and hybrid technology thermally drying materials are frequently used and dried after coating. The BELTROTHERM continuous dryer with a flat conveyor belt transports and dries the coatings quickly and efficiently...

Beltron  Beltrotherm
Thermal curing equipment

All Beltron Thermal curing equipment


  • Thermo-Dryer BELTROTHERM
  • The Miracle of fast Curing
  • The Curing System
  • IR - spectrum of the ceramic heater






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