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Beltron GmbH - UV lamp service- and safety-set
An essential addition to existing maintenance and safety.

All ultra violet lamps contain a small amount of mercury and in accordance with Guidance Note EH17 (revised) ; all users of ultra violet light are advised to have a kit easily accessible located within the factory area where UV equipment is operated. Our uv lamp change and mercury spillage kit has all that is
needed, not only to handle the delicate process of lamp changing, but to clean up safely in the event of accidental damage to the lamp. Detailed instructions are included.

Content of the Set:

Service Set
Safety Spectacles - high impact polycarbonate lens which meets EN166 Grade 1F. Lint Free Nylon Gloves - essential when handling or cleaning uv lamps. Ensures prevention of fingerprint marking which will burn into the quartz during operation and significantly reduce lamp life. Also cleaning issues - saturated with 70% v/v Isopropyl Alcohol BP for cleaning uv lamps immediately after fitting and also periodically during the operating life. Also used for cleaning filter glasses and reflectors.

Mercury Spillage Kit
Materials and personal protective equipment for safe removal
of small mercury spillages, which could
result in the event of UV lamp breakages.

Zinc powder, GPR.
Safety spectacles.
protective rubber.
Scoop and spoon; sponge; disposal bag and full instructions.

Advice to UV lamp service- and safety-set:
Phone: +49 (0) 6074-89199-0 or E-Mail:

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