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Beltron LED – UV Chain Conveyor

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Beltron GmbH - LED UV Chain Conveyor

Range of use:
With the LED-UV chain conveyor you can dry all UV-reactive materials e.g. protection lacquers with thick layers, adhesives, resins and UV-varnishes. So far conventional, mercurial UV-lamps are used for the hardening process, but in the meantime the more efficiently and environment friendly UV-LED- Technology represents a well-tried option.
Different to quicksilver steam lamps, the LED- Hardening uses semiconductor LED’s for the generation of ultraviolet (UV) light. BELTRON use the advantages of the UV-LED-Technology with maximum of performance, reliability and UV-Energy.

Beltron GmbH - LED UV Chain Conveyor in action


LED – UV Kettenförderer von Beltron

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The LED-UV chain conveyor convinces also by an individual adjustment in width (for PCB’s up to 240 x 400 mm) and height from 20 – 110 mm, an electric controlled cooling system, SPS computer control for surveillance and control of all functions of the device. As well a transport speed control, which is adapted to the cycle of production and the needed UV-dosage. In comparison with the common BELTRON UV-dryer, the LED-UV chain conveyor offers a space saving isolated application on a tight area.

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The LED UV Chain Conveyor is used successfully in:

printing industry, electronic industry, plastic industry, building materials industry, textile industry,
packaging industry, pharmaceutical industry, automotive industry, glass industry and engineering.
These are just a few examples from the various partner portfolio of Beltron.

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